Welcome to Northwest Paramedical Industries (NPI) for all your Drug Screening, service needs. We make the Drug Screening process fast and easy! 

Our office is located inside the Parkside Business Center at 8285 SW Nimbus Ave, Suite 171, in Beaverton, just down the road from Washington Square Mall and accessible by Bus Lines #76 and #78.  Please enter our building through our front entrance facing Hall Blvd (not Nimbus Ave) and turn left to follow the hallway down until you reach Suite 171 on your right.

Frequently asked questions:

Q) Do I need to make an appointment?

A) Yes, please call us at 503-906-1830 or email [email protected]

Q) How long will the Test take?

A) About 10 minutes for the Test, unless you have a ‘shy bladder’ situation and need more time.

Q) Can I get my results from you?

A) Unless you pay for the Test yourself, we are legally not allowed to give out Test results. All results will be sent to your potential employer, please follow up with them.

Q) I am taking some prescriptions, do you need to know what they are?

A) No, if you’re taking medications that will show in the sample, the Lab will give you a call for your prescription information.

Q) The paperwork for my Drug Screen says this takes 3 hours?

A) That is how long you have total, if you try to provide a sample and are not able to you will have up to 3 hours to provide a sample.

Q) Can a female take this Test any time during the month?

A) Yes, Test results will not be affected at all.

Please call with any additional questions you may have at 503-906-1830 or email us at [email protected]  Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!