Babies are pretty cute

BabiesBabies are cute, just hearing the word makes us want to cuddle those beautiful little infants. Now, without further ado, let’s start this off by taking a look at the real thing. Yes, I know. They are beyond adorable and, as with everything, there’s a scientific explanation behind why we find babies so cute.

The Cuteness Traits

There are actually some traits that babies possess that automatically trigger our brains into feeling a sense of joy. So what are these traits? According to an Austrian ethologist (ethology is the study of animal behavior), the kinderschemaor “Baby Schema” (cuteness traits) include:

1. A large, rounded head (babies are born with almost full-sized brains).

2. Big forehead.

baby forehead

3. Large eyes (human babies are born with fully grown eyes).

baby eyes

4. Chubby cheeks (even the word “chubby” is cute).

5. Rounded body (so they can be used as footballs….just kidding!)

6. Soft, elastic skin (perfect for pinching their cheeks!).

What’s the Point of this Cuteness?

Now that we know the features that make babies so cute, what purpose does this serve us as a species?

According to evolutionary biology, it all comes down to one fact: Babies wouldn’t survive without an adult taking care of them. Therefore, it’s vital that we, as adults, are hard-wired to find babies appealing. That way, we divert all our attention and energy towards them. Those small, precious things need our care and protection.

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